Footstool Branding & Marketing Design

Two brand qualities, simplicity and authenticity, drove efforts to create an authentic yet modern brand experience that communicated Footstool’s mission, vision, and values. Every aspect of wireframing, design, and content development centered on creating meaningful user content and flexible strategies for future growth. Footstool needed to create buy-in from various nonprofit stakeholders and users, so we didn’t simply focus on creating design visuals, but also on establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships.

– Designed brand voice and digital identity
– Created visual cohesiveness to organization to increase engagement and readability
– Developed layout system and optimized site performance and experience

ClientFootstoolServicesNonprofit Startup, Social EnterpriseLinkOrganizational Strategy, Brand Strategy, User Research, UI/UX Development, Data Analytics, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Management

Online to Offline Engagement

Designed digital marketing and brand communication to lead to meaningful community experiences

Media Strategy

Identified target users and focused initiatives for deeper engagement

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